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Your Chicago local movers are ready to serve you on your local household move,
and provide you with a stress-free move.

East Coast Moving and Storage is one of the best and a customers’ favorite local movers in east coast which offer premium services at affordable prices, giving you complete peace of mind regarding the safety and delivery of your goods.


Chicago local moversEast Coast Provides local moving services at:

Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Maine, New England,New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida – And of course: Chicago!

We are specialized in providing on-time, professional, full service local movers services.We are the leading moving company providing local movers service almost everywhere within the east coast states. With 20 years of experience in this field, we have emerged as the best movers solution providers in the east coast.

Our staff is professionally trained and have experienced skills in the field of Chicago local movers services.We have acquired expertise in relocating special items such as expensive furniture like pianos, as well as office electronics and special machinery. We provide all kinds of home moving services for local movers at reasonable costs. With no hidden fees or “post quote surprises”.Our staff is hard working and dedicated, always thinking about our customer’s needs. We put our best effort towards making sure the safety of the goods remains high all the time and the delivery is always on time.


Let me reveal to you the secret for successful Chicago local movers – It’s all about the team – your Chicago local movers.

Hello, my name is Tim, and after 30 years in the moving and logistic industry, I can tell you that a swift and pleasant move to your new home depends mostly on the company team. You can have the best trucks and the newest gear, but the secret of a successful household move, is a professional and well trained local movers team. At East Coast Moving and Storage you get a service from movers who care, movers that will do their best to exceed your expectations. That’s how I train my team, and that’s how we get to be the most appreciated moving company on the East Coast.

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Our level of perfection and skill is exceptional and this gives our Chicago local movers advantage over the competition. The items are packed using high quality materials to en
sure properly securing the goods and keeping them safe during the transit. The delicate and fragile items are given special packaging using high quality packing materials to protect them against any kind of mechanical shock, vibration or jerk that might cause damages.

We use modern and highly advanced machinery and tools to assist us in various tasks such packing, loading, transporting ,and unloading, thereby reducing the chance of damage due to human error. Our trained professionals can handle any situation with ease without having you to worry about anything.

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