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Common Mistakes Committed When Moving Across Long Distances

We already know how much work needs to be done when you are moving to a new place all the way across town or to the next city. Now imagine having to make the move over a longer distance, say, several states away, or even to the other side of the country.

The challenge just grew tenfold. Unfortunately, not everyone is fully aware of the difficulties involved when moving long distance, and many mistakes are bound to be made, especially when you failed to plan accordingly.Let us take a look at the mistakes often committed by those who are making these big moves.

Chicago Long Distance Movers – not to do tips list:

Bringing too much.
By “too much”, I mean bringing more than what you need. When packing up your stuff at the old place, you should also take it as an opportunity to get rid of the items that you no longer need, so you will have less to transport when you move across the country. If you are moving to Chicago, for instance, you probably won’t need any of those boxes and boxes of swimwear that you often use when hitting the sunny beaches of California.

Over- or underestimating the area you will be moving in

There are those that wrongly presume that they have enough space in their new place for all of their stuff, only to realize belatedly that it’s going to be really cramped. As a result, they will end up spending more time and money in finding additional storage space.

Failing to get a proper estimate

Let us say, for example, that you chose to acquire the services of Chicago Long Distance Movers for your move. However, you failed to get a complete estimate of all your costs, from the moving-out to the moving-in stage. This results to misunderstandings when you are presented with the bill.

Leaving everything to the movers and not having any input.

While it is true that the movers are experienced at tasks like these, the final word would still be yours. Therefore, you should still keep a watchful eye over the proceedings. In the event that the Chicago Long Distance Movers that you hired will have to dismantle or disassemble some items, you have to be there to oversee the activity, in order to keep track of things.

Failure to properly label and classify everything.

You have to know which box contains which, and which crate goes where. Making proper tags or labels will cut a lot of time and effort when it is time for you to unpack and settle in at your new place.

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There is nothing wrong with leaving the job in the capable hands of moving experts and professionals, but if you are making a huge and life-changing decision – which is exactly what a long distance move is – then you have to make sure you keep tabs on everything. Avoid these mistakes so you will have to deal with less stress during – and long after – your move.

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