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Here is the do’s and don’ts of Budgeting for your Flat rate east coast Moving & Storage Move

The most troublesome aspect of moving is budgeting your money accordingly. Most people tend to overthink and set a higher budget than necessary for their move. This is simply due to the fact that we don’t realize how cheap moving can really be. There are several ways to budget appropriately and avoid overspending. Take a look at the tips below and save your money!

Know when to find Flat rate east coast Moving & Storage move

If you can, try moving during the off seasons such as fall and winter. Many people avoid moving in this time period due to the cold, harsh weather, which makes moving much cheaper. Consider booking your moving company during these seasons as well as on weekdays versus weekends.

Choose the right moving company – Choose Flat rate east coast Moving & Storage

Choosing the proper moving company comes down to a few qualities.

  1. What they charge for a move.
  2. What their ratings/reviews are
  3. What services they offer

Choosing flat rate east coast Moving & Storage is by far your best option. east coast Moving & Storage have one set price that we changes regardless of distance or weight of items being transported.

Making sure that our company has achieved high ratings and strong customer reviews can ease your stress as well.

Flat rate east coast Moving & Storage tips:
  • make an Inventory List

Knowing what you are planning on bringing to your new home is crucial for setting a budget. Moving companies tend to charge you by weight of items needing to be transported, so knowing the amount of items being moved ahead of time can at least give you a rough estimate.To create an inventory list, you can either go on a quick scan through the rooms of your house and write down what you plan on bringing, or you can take the time to go through each room individually and sort through all of your belongings. Separate items into three piles to make the process easier: keep, give away, and throw away.

  • Include Cost of Materials

This is something that most people either completely forget about or over budget for. Moving supplies are much cheaper than anticipated. Consider these options for obtaining moving materials before estimating a price.

  • Ask family/friends is they have boxes they aren’t moving, all sizes welcome!
  • Visit the local grocery store and/or hospital for large boxes. They will give you them for free!
  • Take a trip to the dollar store for packing tape, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap.
  • Consider using newspaper or old clothing as packing material or visit the local thrift shop for cheap items you can use for padding.
  • Conclusion

These few tips are guaranteed to help you set an appropriate budget for your move so you don’t overspend! Remember to move during an off-season or during midweek and establish a rough estimate of your belongings weight. There are moving calculators online that can help you establish and estimated cost for moving x-amount of belongings so you aren’t just picking a random number!

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