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Save on moving expenses! Choose international movers to make your move smooth.

Moving to Canada? Moving to Australia? Moving to London?

Save money and time on your move by choosing professional international movers.

Think about all the headaches, moving stress and expenses when dealing with customs taxes and oversea shipping and let our experienced staff get your household on time halfway around the world!

Moving abroad requires a good and experienced international movers staff.

Take in consideration the long miles, oversea shipping, and flights.  When moving to a new country it is important that everything will be smooth, well planned and well coordinated. We know it’s all about the experience. We know the rules and regulations of international transportation and customs, get the best prices from overseas shipping companies, and have the whole operation properly organized so your household boxes will arrive on time, waiting for you when relocating halfway around the globe.

Family moving houseYour international movers will take care of your household belongings halfway around the globe.

Your international movers that are handling your valuable possessions will stay in contact with you while coordinating the move with the shipping companies, the customs, the local movers in the new country. and other authorities, making sure you get a full real time report on your international move. From loading your stuff to unpacking everything at your new home,  our well trained and professional international movers will help you through the long distance move so you can have a smooth, stress-free moving process.

More reasons to pick us as your international movers for your overseas relocation.

East Coast Moving and Storage are one of the best international movers providing service on the East Coast. We have years of experience in this field, which gives us the expertise to handle international relocation and all the precautions related to it. Our sincere dedication to this industry and years of actively participating in it has earned us a renowned reputation in the market. We are equipped with the latest technology of lifting, packing, and mobilizing special furniture, piano moves, as well as office equipment, and electronic gear. The use of modern technology allows us to make the most out of processes like packing, loading, and unloading. This improves efficiency and reduces the risk of damaging the items during the process. Good quality packaging material are used for packing, and fragile items are packaged with extra precaution, and high quality materials to protect them against any possible damage due to the jerks, shocks and vibrations during the transit. We have skilled and talented professionals who have been trained and are thoroughly well versed with the various know-hows of the transportation and its related processes. As a part of our excellent service we even given training for the various packing techniques and packaging materials that are used for different items. This makes East Coast Moving and Storage the most reliable and dependable long distance, and international movers on the East Coast. East Coast Moving and Storage are international movers from the east coast who offer premium services at affordable prices. So if you are looking for a service that gives complete peace of mind when moving to a new country, look no further and contact East Coast Movers today.

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