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Think long distance movers will cost you more than a rental truck? Think again

Research shows that trying to save on long distance movers by renting a U-Haul truck just doesn’t work.

On the other hand, a well planned, long distance moving can save you lots of money and trouble – How?
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Moving to a new home is a big event in people’s lives, especially long distance moving.

On one hand it’s exciting and fun, on the other, it can be very stressful and expensive. One of the many dilemmas you face is whether you should choose a rental truck (Do-it-yourself move), or go with a full service moving company. We will try to approach this matter from the perspectives of price and safety, because we believe that most people want their move to be cheap, and they don’t want their precious things to be damaged by the time they get to their new home.


Although renting a truck appears to be a cheaper option, you need to pay attention to the hidden fees and aggravations that are not included in the basic price.

For example, many companies will highlight their prices, and only by reading very carefully you will see the fine prints “plus mileage” (That mostly depends on the distance, place, and date of the move), as well as additional charges such as taxes, fuel charges, and environmental fees. Also, the rates that these companies offer for their rentals vary a lot, whether it’s the local or long distance move, and that is something you should be aware of. While prices for the in-town, or in-state move are relatively steady, prices for cross-country trips can be very relative and more highly rated.


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Trying to save on long distance movers at the expense of your health and safety? Not a smart choice!

Next topic is safety, and not only safety of your things, but also your own. Towing your things by yourself can be very tricky, especially if you don’t have experience. Many people prefer towing their things by themselves, because they don’t trust the moving companies. Many people don’t trust movers, they believe that a moving company’s business is not professional enough and that they will not handle their things with appropriate care and protection. But, only when you start packing and towing the things on the truck you will become aware of the fact what a nightmare that is and how delicate it is. You might regret not letting the professionals do it, because you can easily find a reliable and professional  company, with a little bit of research on the internet.  Accidents are always possible in these situations, and you may end up with some damaged things, but frankly, the chances for that are smaller if people who are doing the packing and towing know what they do and have a lot of experience in these matters. It can also be risky if an unprofessional person or persons try to load big items on the truck, because there are many accidents reported in this situations.

 Another point to consider when choosing a long distance mover

Another safety concern is coming from a fact that rental trucks are often poorly maintained, and you never know in what kind of shape they will arrive to your door. You can’t be sure how often they check the brakes on the trucks, replace the oils, and carry out their preventive maintenance in general.  Several investigations on their safety were performed by  journalists, after some serious accidents involving rented trucks, claimed that half of the trucks that were examined were overdue for safety checks.

Choose wisely and plan your move carefully.

In the end, the choice is always yours. We came to the conclusion that, although moving by renting a truck may seem to be a cheaper and suitable option for local moves, if you are planning a long distance move, think twice before you rent a truck, bearing in mind that the price difference might be pretty insignificant comparing to the all the work and frustration that can come up during the process. If you choose a good and professional moving company to move you instead , you will have much less hassle, potential risks, and unexpected costs to deal with in these stressful times.