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Moving InsuranceAt East Coast Moving and Storage we know how important it is for all of your belongings to be cared for in the highest capacity possible.

And we offer several different types of insurance to ensure that everything is protected to your level of comfort. We would advise you to go over all of your options listed below and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you figure out what is the best option available to fit your needs.


The minimum Released Value is 30 cents per pound, per article. This is the basic coverage that is required by law that all moving companies must provide to their clients for a local move, at no additional charge. This is the maximum liability that a company is limited to if your belongings are to unfortunately suffer any damage during a local move.

East Coast Moving and Storage will offer you a full replacement policy on all of your items as well. The policy will be conducted through a third party insurance company, in your name, and the policy will be based upon the cash value of any items that may be damaged. In order for this policy to be effective, it must be purchased at least 48 hours before the date of your move.


As a client you are always given a Released Value, as mentioned above. It is the most cost effective choice because it comes with no addition cost to you. But you must be aware that it is the lowest possible coverage. The long distance coverage is higher than the local coverage as the moving company is responsible for 60 cents per pound, per article. As opposed to the 30 cents provided for a local move. A good example would be if you have a ten pound table and it is valued at $1,000.00, if it were damaged, the compensation would only be $6.00. At the time of your contract signing you will have to sign a statement that agrees to this coverage.

If you decide to use the Released Value coverage, some companies will find you a separate liability insurance policy. This would be a separate policy and you the client, would be responsible for any additional charges affiliated with it. This policy would not fall under the federally governed requirement of coverage so it would be in addition to any contract that you agree to with your moving company. You also have an additional option of purchasing an additional policy yourself, through a third party insurance company, rather than through your moving company. It’s usually a good idea to check your home owners insurance policy first however, as some of those policies provide coverage to you already.


You have the option to declare a value to your belongings. However there is an additional charge if you decide to do this. The minimum charge is $1.25 times the weight of your delivery. This is based on the depreciated value of your declared items. The complete shipment would be covered at a value up to the dollar amount that you declare prior to the move. If the shipment were to exceed the liability price of $1.25 per pound, times the total weight of the delivery, you will probably want to use full replacement liability for any items that have a high value.


This would cover the replacement or repair cost to any damaged item. Normally you can receive this coverage through the company that you choose or through a third party insurance company. If something were to be damaged the moving company would provide coverage of up to 60 cents per pound, per article, and the third party coverage would cover the rest. Always be sure to find out if a third party policy has a deductable attached to it.

Moving Insurance

East Coast Moving and Storage is always happy to assist you with all of your coverage or to help you find a third party that will fit your needs. And remember that you can always verify your rights as a client by visiting

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