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Why Get Moving Quotes From East Coast Movers?

Certified Experienced Movers

Choosing an A class registered moving company will save you trouble and worries, we are obligated to get you to your new home as fast and simple as possible. As you will learn, with us you only pay for the space you use in the moving truck and no more! It’s as clear as day! You don’t get any hidden or additional fees, and no surprises either. It’s a simple straight forward move: you get a full service move and a stress free relocation. Because we are a storage company as well, you get 30 days of extra storage included within the price you paid. Yes, that’s 30 days of FREE storage for your household items! If you have a split move (that’s a gap between moving out and moving in to your new house) we will store all of the items you’re moving for a month with no extra charge.

No Hidden Fees – Moving Quotes by Cubic Feet.

Why cubic feet? If you are looking for moving companies, you probably took a few moving quotes as recommended. Maybe you were given quotes by the hour, and the problem with that is pretty obvious… If you pay a mover hourly, he will not be encouraged to finish the job so fast. Then, you will have a very long move, which will be very stressful and unpleasant for you. Hourly moving quotes are not recommended, and are often used by uncertified movers trying to pull a moving scam..

Quoting by the weight is also commonly used by reputable moving companies – you get a moving estimate based on the weight of the items you move. On your moving day, the truck, still empty, will go on a scale and the weight of the truck will be registered. The truck then loads your household items and goes on a scale again, after which you pay the difference. So far it looks pretty decent, but… What usually happens, is that you get an estimate that is far from true. It is hard to tell how much things weigh; furniture like a bed, a fridge, items that you can’t tell the exact weight of before scaling them on moving day. The other thing is that you cou
ld get dishonest movers who will scale the truck with no fuel and gear in it, and then refuel after loading your items.

A quote by cubic feet is a preferred method of moving quotes by many professional companies. It is a straightforward, simple way. You can easily measure your items size using a simple measuring tape that you probably have in your house. That way, you get almost the exact number of what you will pay on moving day. When the truck comes, it has lines marked every 10 cubic feet showing you how much space you used exactly. For moving quotes by cubic feet fill the short form now.

All Size Movers – From Small Apartments to Offices Relocation

We have experience of over 20 years moving all kind of items on different jobs. For your convenience, we will provide you with trucks of all sizes. We have special moving gear and can handle complicated or high excesses moves to apartments or offices that could require cranes or lifts. For your business, we provide professional movers that can disassemble and reassemble office gear. Need a storage place? We have storage for home and office use. We also move pianos, wine cellars, white glove art galleries, and more. We provide a full-service, red-carpet-packing-move so you can have a stress free moving experience.