Moving to Gainesville Florida

Moving to Gainesville Florida?
Top 3 Reasons You Should Move to Gainesville, Florida

Florida is one of the top 10 places people relocate to.

This is likely due the warm climate, beaches, family-friendly neighborhoods and just over all community feel. Gainesville, Florida is a fairly large city and is home to the Gainesville Gators, so football fans are likely to be happy here! The family atmosphere and friendly neighborhoods make Gainesville the ideal place to raise a family or settle down for retirement. Whatever your reason for considering Gainesville as your next hometown, here are a few things you should know about the area before making your decision.

Move to Gainesville Florida Due to excellent Sports

Sports! Gainesville is home to the Gators, a college football team that never ceases to bring in the whole community on game day! The NHRA Gatornationals is also located in Gainesville Florida. The National Hot Rod Association is a drag racing event held at Gainesville Raceway each year.

If football or drag racing isn’t your forte, the Stephen C. O’Connell Center is home to several other sporting events including gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, and basketball.

Move to Gainesville Florida Because of the  Excellent Music

Music and art are certainly not lacking in this community!  For all of you punk rockers out there, FEST is held every year right in the heart of Gainesville. The punk rock concert event is held over the course of 4 days and dozens of bands play per day. The city is also known for being the starting point for several bands and musicians including Tom Petty and Sister Hazel.

For those who prefer something a bit quieter, the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art is located in Gainesville and contains over 8,000 works of art.

The yearly Downtown Festival and Art Show is another great place to navigate the art world and see artists in action.


Move to Gainesville Florida if you love the Outdoors

All outdoorsy types will love Gainesville for several reasons. Ginnie Springs is a crystal clear spring that is part of the Santa Fe River and offers a wide variety of outdoor, water-related activities. Take a day to go kayaking, tubing, even snorkeling and bond with family and friends!

For a trip that’s a little bit dryer, take a hike through Devil’s Millhopper. Don’t worry; it’s not as scary as the name appears. Devil’s Millhopper is a 120-foot bowl shaped canyon that leads down to a small rainforest. The area is beautiful and great for hikers and photographers.

Choose wisely and plan your move to Gainesville Florida carefully

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