Moving To Illinois Guide

Moving To Illinois

If you are thinking of moving to the great state of Illinois, let us help you in learning some things you should know. It will help you fit right in quickly and easily upon your arrival here.

Moving To Illinois – Illinois Relocation Guide

There is nothing more annoying to a long time Illinois resident, than someone that can’t say the name properly. It’s an immediate giveaway that you are from out of state. The “S” at the end is always silent. Pretend like it’s not even there. For the record it’s “il-uh-noi,” never “il-uh-noiz.”

Choose the baseball team you are going to root for. It’s either the Chicago Cubs or the St. Louis Cardinals. This bitter rivalry divides the start north and south. Those in the southern end of the state cheer for the Cardinals and those to the north root for the Cubs. There is also the Chicago White Sox but their fan base is pretty heavily rooted inside the city limits of Chicago. And if you are a fan of another team, have one of these teams prepared to be your quick answer if someone asks.

If you are going to try a world famous Chicago Dog, never put ketchup on it. Never! There are a whole host of things you can put on it but never ketchup. But if you must, make sure nobody is looking.

Choose your football team the same as your baseball team. The dividing lines are the same. The south sides of the state cheers for the St. Louis Rams while the northern half are diehard fans of the Chicago Bears. And again, if you like another team that’s fine just have one of these names handy in case someone asks you.

A lot of the best music festivals in the country happen right here in Illinois. Yearly events are Spring Awakening, Summer Camp, and of course you can’t forget about Lollapalooza. The Chicago area has so many different venues for live music that there is something going on practically every night.

Horseshoes aren’t something that goes on horses in Illinois. Well yes they technically do, but the world famous sandwich from the state is also called The Horseshoe. You start off with a nice and thick piece of Texas toast, topped with a well cooked burger, and on top of that is a nice set of golden fries. Oh and don’t forget about the final touch. It’s smothered in cheese sauce!

That really tall building downtown that you can see from everywhere….It’s The Sears Tower. Even though the name was changed a few years back to the Willis Tower, Illinois residents refuse to acknowledge the new name. It’s The Sears Tower at all times, and it’s a great place to visit!

According to local residents the Chicago-style deep dish pizza makes all other pizza’s look silly. You haven’t had a good meal until you have gotten yourself a nice Chicago-style deep dish pizza that weighs several pounds. Giordano’s and Lou Manti’s are some of the best around.

Unless you are right in the Chicago area your college football team is The Fighting Illini of the University of Illinois. The residents of the state bleed orange and blue. That is of course unless you live in Chicago directly. Then it’s the purple uniforms of Northwestern University that’s the home town love.

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