Chicago Moving and Storage

The Nitty-Gritty of Chicago Moving and Storage

There are a lot of people who immediately assume that companies provide both moving and storage services, thinking they are one and the same. However, there is a difference between moving and storage.

Chicago Moving and Storage

Moving services cover handling and physically moving or transporting household goods and personal effects and belongings. This also includes packing or packaging services, as well as unpacking them when they arrive at the destination or your new home.

Chicago moving and storage companies

There are companies that offer only moving services, and there are also firms that provide only storage services. However, there are now a lot of chicago movers and storage companies, offering these two services, and allowing customers to avail of them simultaneously.

When is it beneficial to hire the services of these Chicago moving and storage companies? Take a look at these scenarios:

  • When you were planning your move, you thought your new place was large enough to hold everything you are taking from your old home. Once they are transported, however, you realize that there isn’t enough space. Therefore, you need to store some of the items that you will not immediately need.
  • You are in a rush to move because your new job requires you to report immediately.However, you still have not made the final arrangements for a place to move in. Before you get the final contract on that apartment you leased, you can have your stuff temporarily stored in their storage facilities. Once you are finally settled in on your new apartment, you can move all your stuff with you.
  • A mix-up in moving schedules often results in customers wondering where to store their household and other personal belongings for the time being. Hiring a moving and storage company will save you the time and money that it would usually take you to have one company take care of the moving, and another company to store all your belongings.

There are a lot of advantages in hiring East coast moving and storage Chicago moving and storage company:

  1. Less cost, more efficiency. You won’t have to hire two separate firms or avail of two services. Just hire one company that does both so you can save some more dollars.
  2. Less time. You don’t have to look for another storage service provider since the moving company you already chose can also provide that service for you.
  3. More convenient. You will have less headache since you will be dealing with only one firm, instead of interacting with two separate firms and having to reconcile their differing circumstances, if any.
  4. More options. Run through the specific moving and storage services offered by these companies, and you will get to choose those that are most suited to your needs and preferences. Some examples include container vans, hauling trucks, and mobile storage facilities, to name a few.

So why make things difficult for you? Hit two birds with one stone by hiring East coast moving and storage Ready to move? Call East Eoast Eoving and Storage:  1-888-683-4922 Chicago, Illinois

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