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Our Policy: East Coast Moving and Storage


Our PolicyEast Coast Moving and Storage is proud to offer you the very best service that you will find. We understand that your move can be a frustrating, stress filled time for you and we want to put your mind at ease. There are certain things that you can look forward to if you choose to put East Coast Moving and Storage to work for you.

When you decide to put the best to work for you and your precious belongings, you can be assured that:

Our Policy

  • We only use direct pricing. You will not be faced with any type of broker mark up, or third party fees.
  • We don’t use third parties or outside sources to do our work for us. Anyone involved in your move will be directly from East Coast Moving and Storage.
  • Our services are door to door. Everything is included from the load up, the transport, to the delivery to your new location.
  • Our rates are locked in. Once a contract is signed, the price you are given is the price that you will pay. This includes local, long distance and even international moves. You will always know what your cost will be.
  • East Coast Moving and Storage will tag every one of your items and keep a detailed inventory of the entire move. And there is never a charge for this practice

Our Policy

  • We will provide quilted padding and any other materials that are needed to ensure that your items are protected to the highest level, at all times. This is part of every move that we conduct, and is available at no additional charge.
  • You will always receive the basic insurance coverage for your items for free. This comes with any type of move that East Coast Moving and Storage does.
  • Our teams will disassemble any basic furniture that needs it, and then reassemble it at your new location, for free.
  • To East Coast Moving and Storage, every day is a work day. There is never any additional charge if your move takes place on a weekend or a holiday.
  • There is never any additional charge for mileage or tolls. Once your contract is signed, the price you are given is the price that you can expect to pay.

 It doesn’t matter how far you are moving, East Coast Moving and Storage doesn’t believe in hidden charges or fees. Ever! contact us:

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