Your private and secure self storage service.

Yes we provide storage services as well!

You don’t need to worry about your household boxes if you are splitting your move.

Need a storage to keep your boxes safely until you enter your new home? Missing space at home for gear you don’t use regularly? Our self storage service can help you safely keep your belongings in your private storage. You get a key and full accesses to your rented storage unit at any time. We will move your boxes and furniture to and from the storage so you will have a stress free move to your new home.

Safe and accessible storage space for your household boxes and furniture.

We are accustomed to providing our customers with comprehensive moving storage services on the whole. Our experience makes us responsible for looking after every legal issue during the transportation of the goods. Availing our services means being relaxed and confident about the belongings, no matter how delicate and valuable these can be. We respect every need of our clients, and also allow them to improvise while providing moving storage services. We at East Coast Moving & Storage always like to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Storage services that fit you like a glove

We are specialized in providing moving storage services in a grand way. Our service features include fulfilling the expectations of our clients to the maximum. We are aware of the fact that the transportation of your valuables from one place to another is highly daunting. But letting us handle everything related to the services can be quite comforting for our clients. We focus deeply on transferring the fragile assets of our respective clients without even the slightest chance of human error. Our moving storage service team is experienced enough to take care of different kinds of goods and possessions.

Logistic and storage for businesses

With us,  every business gets VIP service on office storage.

We provide top class logistic services, our team includes experienced supervisors who see through all the issues that may come forth. We take special care of our clients regarding their export documentation and clearance, along with other official or legal requirements. Our aim is to provide the logistic services with utter safety to the related assets of the clients. We follow a composed working method, which includes proper planning according to the respective needs of the individual clients. Our specialization serves the clients individually, taking care of their different kinds of needs.

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Why choose us as your storage service provider.

Our working methods, while providing the logistic services, also involve the transportation, heavy and over dimensional cargo handling, port operations, and so on. We like to focus on customs clearance, equipment leasing and rental, and even the aspects of international freight forwarding. To say the least, we like to be responsible for
each and every logistic service need of our clients. Furthermore, we ensure complete satisfaction of every one of our clients. Our servicemen love to be punctual and keep the storagesame kind of attribute constantly while the logistic services are provided. The clients do not have to face any labor problems, and financial stability can be achieved by them.

Your benefits when choosing us as your storage provider.

Ranging from the covered wagons to the containers and the trucks, we have an arrangement for every mean of transport. This means that our clients are to experience exclusive logistic services on the whole. Our experience in the field makes us be able to provide top logistic services irrespective of the kinds of the goods. Also, we are able to cover long distance for the logistic services. We at East Coast Moving and Storage take pride in providing top logistic services as per the expectation of our clients, ensuring long term relationships for the expansion of our business.